Photography allows me a way of capturing the beauty we see around us everyday. I love the visual arts, photography, drawing, painting, and each one allows me a different way to show this. It is through these mediums that I can express artistic ideas and feelings.

Outdoors photography not only means attention to light and form, but also a little slice of luck. I am dependant on the whims of Mother Nature and she can be as tantalising and coy as she can be wondrous and theatrical. It can be so frustrating to see a shot go unfulfilled by lack of good light. Or an inspiring scene, beautifully lit, will present itself for a fleeting moment and gone before there is time to stop and capture it. As if to say 'here's what I can do, but you're not getting this one today!' Such images will be tucked away using my 'internal' camera to come back another time and try again and again until I can capture what I have seen in my minds eye.

However, there is always a magical moment that brings the unexpected (such as 2 o'clock in the morning, standing on a deserted beach, in front of a line of deck chairs!). It's moments like these that keep my enthusiasm going through to the next one. The unexpected shot is always just round the corner, and that is part of the excitement. Shots can come in 2 minutes as well as waiting 2 hours.

Growing up in the British countryside, family holidays were spent on Dartmoor, Yorkshire Moors or Snowdonia, with many hours spent exploring streams and woodlands or long walks across open landscapes. These experiences instilled a profound sense of wonder at the magnificence of nature and what is around us if we open our eyes. A small copse perched on the end of some remote dry stonewall would conjure an emotion in me that I felt the need to capture.

 From those formative years as a youngster to today, nature, light, shape and form still astound me with what beauty there is around us. It can be found in one's back garden, in town, the coastline or a misty morning. It just needs the right light, the right composition, an eye to 'see' what is there, and the willingness to stop and 'look'. Oh, and to get up at 4 in the morning!